In Game Rules

  1. Inappropriate Language or Behaviour - We have a large range of players from a massive variety of backgrounds. We want everyone that plays Impaired to understand that they are welcome to play comfortably. Language or actions that are seen as offensive, racist, harrassing, or just generally inappropriate can and will be punished. This rule includes spamming as well.
  2. Advertising - Advertising other private servers is not allowed on Impaired. Avoid talking about other servers while on Impaired, or you will risk a possible mute, or if you're directly advertising, you risk a permanent ban.
  3. Evasion - Evading a punishment by making separate accounts, or using other methods to avoid the punishment that was given to you by staff is an easy way to make the punishment worse. If you feel as if you have been unfairly punished, you can always apeal the punishment through the proper means.
  4. Macros - Macros or any other third-party software that can give you an unfair advantage are strictly not allowed.
  5. Multi-Logging - There is nothing wrong with having multiple accounts and having them logged in at the same time. This being said, it is against the rules to have these accounts interact with each other in any manner that could be used for benefit, such as trading, fighting, etc.
  6. Bug Abuse - Please report any bugs you find to us via the report a bug page, or talk directly to a staff member. If you are caught exploiting a bug for personal gain, your account will be permanently banned.