Frequently Asked Questions

What is Impaired?

Impaired is the best Runescape Private Server around. We have great gameplay, an excellent economy, kind staff, and the best community you could ever ask for!

Does Impaired cost any money?

Impaired is completely free, and always will be. That being said, the server and website do cost money to run and maintain, so any donations are extremely appreciated. If you would like to donate, please go to our donation page to help out!

How do I play the game?

Start by visiting our play now page. Follow the steps on that page to decide what version of the game to download, and how to play.

What are the rules?

To view the rules of Impaired, go to the the rules page. Be sure to give this a read, or you could risk breaking the rules,

Does the server have a Discord?

We do! If you would like to join our Discord, follow this link: https://discord.gg/3NbM7tP

I have an issue with a bug or a player. How can I contact the staff to report my issue?

There are a few different ways to ensure that a staff member is notified of your issue. Option one, is to go to the report a bug or report a player page. Option two, is to leave a message on the forums. Option three, is to try to contact a staff member in-game. The best way to make sure your issue is heard is to go with option one.

I can't access my account. How can I get it back?

To gain access to your account again, go to the account recovery page, and fill out the entire form as best as possible. If your account recovery appeal is accepted, you will be emailed with the account's log in details.